This connection is listed to provide links to other web sites with fan-related activities and information.

The Fan Museum, London (United Kingdom)

A remarquable collection.

Musée de l'éventail à Paris - France

Fan museum in Paris... but closed.

Le Cercle de l'Eventail

French fan collectors association

Fan Circle International

The Fan Circle International is a charitable society established in 1975 to promote interest in and knowledge of the fan in all aspects.

Place de l'éventail

The private site of a French collector and great fan enthusiast.

Fan exhibition

La Dormeuse Blogue is a french web site who speaks about the fan exhibition to Mirepoix

Fan = Leque

Collection of a Brazilian historian and fan collector !

Italian fans collection

Anna Checcoli remarquable collection.


Fan maker since 1827, now Duvelleroy sells nice contemporary fans.

Sylvain Le Guen - Fan creator

A great artist and fan creator.

Fan restoration : L'utile Zephyr

Yolaine Voltz is graphic arts restorer and she is specialized in fans restoration and conservation.

Mother of pearl restoration

Eric Fournier is a mother of pearl restorer.

Georgina Letourmy, Expert

Phd in Art History and Antique Hand Fan expert

Le Curieux - Fans and necessaires

Web site of my friend Serge Davoudian, a specialist of fans and necessaires

Cases to display your fan

Providing bespoke fan display cases/boxes and fan framing services

Flea market of Paris Saint Ouen

The flea market of Paris Saint Ouen is the biggest antic market of the world. Please, come to see me to the market Vernaison, come to hunt ! You will be seduced by the authentic atmosphere and charms of this market typically French !