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Puces, Mon Trésor

The annual Paris Flea Market festival "Puces, mon Trésor"

From Saturday 21st September 2019 to Monday 23rd September 2019

And the evening party :
On Thursday 19th September 2019 at 19h00

This autumn rendez-vous is now taking on an international scope. It allows a very large public (art amateurs, antique lovers or browsers) to discover or rediscover the magic atmosphere of this historically listed place! All the Saint-Ouen flea markets will shine even more brightly. It will open with all the beauty and diversity of that fascinating theme in the markets.

Thanks to the night festival you will discover or rediscover the magic atmosphere of this historic antique market by night!

Come and make this evening an unforgettable experience, our fans shop will be open !!

Flea Market Paris Saint Ouen
Vernaison market
99 rue des rosiers
93400 Saint Ouen FRANCE

Un brin de panache, éventails de chine

The exhibition of the French East India Company’s museum

From June 15th to November 25th

Musée de la Compagnie des Indes
Citadelle, avenue du Fort de l'Aigle
56 290 Port-Louis

The Man with the Carnation

The new exhibition of the Fan Museum

From June 4th to September 29th

Fan Museum
12 Cromms Hill, Greenwich